A Conversation With the Constellation Delphinus, the Dolphin

By Peggy River Singer

The constellation Delphinus

The constellation Delphinus

Back in the 1960's, we spent summers at Clark Lake in the Irish Hills. Mom and I would take our little telescope out on the dock and see how many moons of Jupiter we could count, and find different constellations. I've been in love with the night sky ever since, and this article is about one of my favorite constellations, Delphinus.

About Delphinus

Delphinus isn't the brightest group of stars (it's kind of faint), or the largest (it's pretty small), and it doesn't have any star clusters or other exotic features. Even so, it's been a favorite of countless stargazers of all ages for a very long time, because it actually does look like a dolphin leaping out of the water.

Who is Delphinus?

This constellation reminds us that humans and dolphins have shared a long relationship. One of the best-known Greek versions of the story of this constellation is that it represents a dolphin who saved the life of Arion, the most famous singer/musician of his time. 

Like today's music stars, Arion traveled to many lands to present concerts. After a successful tour of Sicily, he hired a ship to take him and the treasure he had earned to Greece. Arion was so confident of his fame and popularity that he didn't bother to hire a bodyguard, so the captain and crew decided to kill him and throw his body overboard so they could split his riches. Terrified, he begged to be allowed to sing one last song, and he truly sang for his life—so sweetly that dolphins gathered around the boat and sang along with him. 

Knowing that dolphins often help drowning humans, Arion realized that they were his only chance to survive. As he finished the song, he jumped overboard. The dolphins immediately surrounded him, and Delphinus, the leader of the group, gave him a ride all the way back to Greece. The Greek gods honored Delphinus for his compassion by placing him in the night sky, where he still sings his own beautiful silvery songs on clear summer evenings.

Finding Delphinus

(You may need to look at a star map, but it will be worth the trouble!) Face southeast and look for the Summer Triangle formed by the brightest stars of Cygnus, Lyra and Aquila. Then look to the lower left of Altair (in Aquila) for a diamond shape formed by four stars, with the fifth star forming the dolphin's tail.


A Conversation with a Dolphin and a Constellation

River: May I speak to a representative of the dolphin folk about this legend?

Dolphin: I am here, little one. What would you like to know?

River: We have many stories of dolphins helping humans in different ways. The Delphinus story is one of the earliest examples we know of. Do the dolphin folk know about this legend?

Dolphin: [gentle chuckle] Yes, of course! It is a tale told to our young, an illustration of the connections between our peoples. A fine example of the proper way to BE Dolphin, you see.

River: How long has this beneficial connection existed?

Dolphin: It was conceived of in the great era of human seafaring, thousands of years ago. So many vessels experienced storms and other dangers; so many humans perished. You understand, up to that point we (and other sea folk) would often assist a human in peril, as an individual act of Grace. But with more and more sea travelers, and more and more assistance needed, our people called for a "virtual conference," from all the seas and rivers, and much talking was done. And we agreed, as what you humans might call a "policy," to set aside our own doings if necessary, in order to be of service in this manner.

River: Are the dolphins able to see the group of stars that represents the legend, and the heroic Delphinus?

Dolphin: Yes, we can see quite well through air. But we primarily feel/see it internally, in our hearts, as we do many other sky objects, so we may share its energy whenever we wish to. Your description of the "silvery songs" is very accurate—that is how the energy of the constellation feels to us. The spirit/soul of the constellation is also with me here, and willing to speak to you.

 River: Thank you. I never would have dreamed, as a child, that I would ever be able to talk to Delphinus! It's a great honor.

Delphinus: [a higher pitched, thinner voice] I too am pleased. We have felt your affection, from your heart to ours. You are comparing our FEEL, our appearance, our vibration to the mineral Selenite; this is very perceptive. Selenite, with its glistening threads and its purity, is a good representation of our energies.

River: Thank you, I was wondering about that. Did your group of stars exist as a personality before it was recognized as a dolphin by humans?

 Delphinus: A very astute question. I shall say, we knew of each other, as all stars can communicate at will, even though we are many light years apart. The legend was brought to our attention when a human named the group of stars. So we stars formed an alliance/family, you might call it, taking the identification of the dolphin hero. This brought us closer in relationship, and we are quite enjoying being associated with the legend. The physical dolphins chat with us, and we exchange news and ideas—so it is a very pleasant relationship.

River: Do other constellations have similar stories?

Delphinus: Yes, indeed. It provides variety and freshness in our lives, which as you know are very long indeed.

River: Is there anything else you'd like to share with those who will read these words 

Delphinus: The connections between our peoples are beyond ancient. Far deeper and more complex than most humans realize, and those connections are based on, and woven from, Love.

River: My thanks to you all; I am grateful for this talking.

Dolphin and Delphinus: Go with our blessings, little sister.

Peggy River Singer is a heart-centered animal communicator, medium, faerie ally, Reiki practitioner, and lifelong writer. She combines her gift for communications with her psychic abilities to help create harmonious relationships among all who share the Earth. Connect by phone at 734-548-0194; and by email at newbluecanoe@aol.com. She shares her experiences and insights on her blog, angelsfairiesandlife.wordpress.com.

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