Astrology- The Original Internet


by Susan McMullen


So much is happening on planet Earth! The rising of the Schumann resonance (Earth’s heartbeat), the shifting of magnetic north, the decreasing magnetic grid, and increasing solar radiation—all are having enormous impact on our world. Pluto and Saturn coming together in Capricorn in January 2020 will create far-reaching changes in the power structures on Earth. So let’s talk about the tool of astrology in navigating our personal lives.

We each have a cosmic blueprint downloaded in the moment of our first breath. Astrologers call this the natal or birth chart, and see this as a roadmap highlighting our pathway through life. Free will, past lives, and our environment temper how we use our birth chart in our years on earth. Astrology is a wonderful tool that gives us insider information to make sense of patterns, gifts, and tendencies that may otherwise seem mysterious.

An astrology chart divides a 360-degree circle into 12 houses that are arenas in which we play out different aspects of our lives. The placement of the planets in 12 zodiac signs and houses, and their relationship to each other, create energy patterns that influence us.

Have Jupiter in your first house? Weight may be a challenge, given Jupiter’s gift of expanding everything it touches, and knowing that the first house represents the body. Erratic personal and professional relationships? Let’s look at your 7th house for some insights.

Difficulty with one or both parents? Where are Saturn and the moon in your birth chart? What planets are in your 4th and 10th houses? Would you like to find your purpose in life? Your North Node is a treasure trove of information about your unique gifts.

It’s exciting for me as an astrologer to see a light kindle in someone’s eyes as they realize that their creative urges, the type of relationships they attract, or their intuitive gifts are all evident in their birth chart. I can validate that there is a way through repeated difficult patterns by drawing on strengths clearly spelled out in their chart.

I did an astrology reading with a client this morning. She is sensitive, loving, and compassionate. She is so very attuned to the needs of her family that she felt she has lost herself. Her North Node in Gemini (mental energy) in her 4th house of home and family is her way out. She can call on her strong left brain to make rational choices about what is reasonable support to extend to her family. Her Taurus sun (strong earth element and sense of self) and four planets in Aries (fire energy) can be her core of strength to stand up to long established patterns of fixing everything for everyone. When she left the reading today she had a renewed sense of her own worth and a restocked toolkit to move forward in her life.

What would you like to do with your life? Do you have direction, a sense of purpose? Do you have a strong sense of your own value? When you hit a rough patch, do you know your internal strengths that can carry you through?

An intuitive, empathic astrologer can gently guide you to release self-limited thoughts. An astrologer can highlight your gifts and unique abilities, and help restore your sense of purpose.

We all have our place in the world. Each of us is a valued co-creator of our collective energy. Each time a soul steps forward to shine their light, we are all made richer.

How is astrology the original internet? Both astrology and the internet are worldwide networks of data. Astrology has been used to guide humankind’s actions since we began gazing at the stars.

We figured out that events on earth are linked to recurring planetary movements, validating the effectiveness of astrology. Astrology is stepping into the forefront of personal and transpersonal growth. Like the internet, this ancient and current blend of art and science is available to everyone, now.


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