Every THING Has a Voice!


by Peggy River Singer

I found this little six-inch Christmas tree at a dollar store, the perfect size for my small apartment. When switched on, it changes colors and is very soothing to look at.

I've been practicing and broadening my telepathic abilities, and since the little tree was right in front of me on my desk one day, I decided to try connecting with it...

River: So, my sparkling little friend, is there anything you'd like to talk about?

LCT: [pause] Me?

River: Yes.

LCT: Really?

River: Of course! If you would rather not, that's okay too. It's up to you.

LCT: I just... I don't know how to express it. Surprised. Good. Feels very good. A little dizzy even, with the implications. I may speak to a human and be understood. What a BIG idea! I think I'm excited!

River: Good for you! Life is more interesting with some excitement from time to time.

LCT: Whew! Okay! I would like to say that this is a stupendous opportunity that I scarcely know how to value or appreciate.

River: You are very welcome.

LCT: I can say more?

River: Surely!

LCT: I must [meditate, think] about this, it is swirling all around me. Wonderful swirling happy energy! I shall say I am done for now, and thank you.

 River: Then I'll say goodnight, and thank YOU for speaking to me.



River: Well, little tree, what shall we talk about?

LCT: [Why, how] did you start doing this, this talking? I mean to others not of your own kind. It is puzzling.

River: I took classes to learn to connect with animals. When that skill combined with channeling and mediumship and Reiki, I began to open more and more to the possibilities. I believe all "things" have their own level of consciousness, so to me everything is possible.

LCT: [applause] Bravo! What a stirring story! Is this something I can learn?

River: Well, I hope so, but I really don't know anything about your people. What do YOU think?

LCT: [thoughtful] Well... I think so. Already I am spreading the words you are sharing with me.

River: Then your people are telepathic?

LCT: Not quite, not as you would understand it or describe it. But the function, yes, I believe is similar. [pause] I wish to ask, can you teach me this?

River: I can describe to you what I do, yes. Perhaps you can take the ideas and adjust them to suit your own abilities.

LCT: YES! YES! YES! Can we begin NOW?

River: All right. Let me see... The first thing I do is relax and clear my mind.

LCT: Huh?

River: My people tend to be very busy thinkers. I need to set all that aside and focus on just one thing before I try to communicate in this way.

LCT: Oh. Okay.

River: I say hello and introduce myself, and ask whether the being would like to chat. 'Chat' means a friendly conversation. Many of the beings I speak to have never connected with a human before, so I am careful to be respectful and courteous. And my "Reiki glow" helps reassure others that I am peaceful.

LCT: Uh huh. What else?

River: I remind myself to keep my focus and listen, without allowing my own expectations to intrude. That's about it.

LCT: Huh. Okay. Interesting. I shall think about this. Good night.

River: Good night.



River: Good evening, little tree!

LCT: Hello, hello! I heard you thinking about putting me in that blog. Are you going to?

River: If it's okay with you.

LCT: Of course! Let everybody know that everything speaks and sings! I'm excited to find out what will happen.

River: I am, too. It will be a new idea to many people. Is there anything special you would like to tell people who will be reading this?

LCT: I wish to say Thank You for [reading, connecting] to me and my people in this fashion. Thank you for thinking of the possibilities we represent.

Now, you humans might be wondering, is this one a tree or a lighted ornament? Both. My essence is Tree, my family is Tree. My EXPRESSION is a lighted ornament. I enjoy thus bringing pleasure to those who see me serenely offering the energies of different colors within my physical form. It is good to help people slow down and relax. I feel happy doing so.

You might wonder, does LCT connect with all trees, or all pine trees, or all Christmas trees? My close family is Christmas trees, an honored and respected family which has been working with humans for many, many years. When you bring us into your home, we raise the vibration of the home and gradually everything and everyone within. I am proud to be part of this great work.Yes, I also connect with all pine trees, and all other trees, to a lesser degree. Just as humans have distant family members they feel less close to.

River: What about artificial Christmas trees?

LCT: Ah. My answer is the same, for they are of similar energy and intention to my own. 

River: It's been fun sharing with you, Little Tree!  Let's talk again, soon.

LCT: Absolutely, I have a LOT more to say!

The Rest of the Story

Reaching the point where I can have delightful conversations with a battery-operated Christmas decoration has literally taken a lifetime; but I can point to The Secret Life of Plants back in the 1980's as one of the most significant epiphanies in my spiritual life.  Over the years I've gradually embraced the idea that ALL of creation is alive, as so many indigenous peoples believe; so the concept of an "inanimate object" doesn't make much sense to me any more.

Meanwhile, I really can't say whether I'm tuning into Little Tree's spirit, soul, or deva; putting a label on it doesn't seem important.  But I am certain the communication is authentic and worth sharing. Little Tree has helped me move forward into a fresh new reality with vast potential for inter-species connections, and I'm more convinced than ever that Every Thing Has a Voice!


Peggy River Singer is a heart-centered psychic medium and channel, animal communicator, faerie ally and Reiki practitioner who combines her gift for communications with her psychic abilities to help create harmonious relationships among all who share this world. She can be reached by phone at 734-548-0194; and by email at newbluecanoe.com. Her experiences and insights are shared on her blog, angelsfairiesandlife.wordpress.com.

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