AUTUMN ADVENTURES: A Fall Feast with the Fae Folk!

by Peggy River Singer


[NOTE: I use the general term "fae" for fairies, gnomes, elves, brownies, and other varieties of Nature Spirits. And I use "work with" to describe the process of getting to know new beings and sharing projects, ideas, meals, guidance, friendship, and laughs.]

Imagine that you stand only about six inches tall in your stocking feet. You've been on the road for days with the sturdy pony who patiently carries your trade goods and supplies. Most nights are spent in familiar places along your route: sharing snug squirrel nests and woodchuck burrows with their furry owners, or in hollow logs where you can set up your tent and enjoy a small fire.

On this particular night, it's pouring rain and the temperature is dropping. Fortunately, you can see the lights of your favorite stopping place just ahead. Your weary pony picks up his feet, and soon you're both relaxing in the warmth and comfort of Riverside House...

Though I've always known in my heart that fairies are real, I never thought about creating a real relationship with them until the late 1990's. By then I'd been working with angels long enough to raise my personal vibration so it was close to the frequency level of most fae, which simplified connections and communications. And I figured that working with fairies would be a natural next step. After all, fairies have been described as taking care of nature the way angels take care of humans!

Over time our relationship has grown to the point where my home is now a sanctuary for the Folk, especially in harsh weather. (I've been told that an energetic "neon sign" has been placed at my front door so fae travelers know they can safely come inside this particular human dwelling.) Though I don't see them physically (yet), I can feel their presence and get occasional images of them in my mind; and recently I've become able to enjoy real conversations with them.

Some fae folk have no interest in interacting with humans, and go about their lives avoiding us or working around us as well as they can. But many fae enjoy human company and sharing in traditional holidays and other gatherings, especially if feasting is involved. They adore music and dancing, and can sample our food and drink etherically without making any physical difference in it. 

My most delightful fae experience so far took place on Fall Equinox the year before last. I sent out an invitation to a gathering via the "fae grapevine" by asking my house guests to spread the word. After a shared dinner I could feel tiny feet dancing up and down my arm as the owners of those feet sang CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE! So I set out snacks that included Hershey bars, cider, fresh cookies, beer, and a dish of honey. 

As a special treat, I had announced that at bedtime I would read from a book called "Fairyland in Art and Poetry" from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to help the fae children settle down after all the excitement. Soon after I sat down I could feel the little ones—and grown-ups—perched on my shoulders and arms and hovering overhead; so I began to read out loud, with appropriate voice changes and embellishments. The last poem in the book is a lullaby, so I finished in a whisper, and sat still until the children had been safely carried away to their beds. The "Thank you" I felt then was deep and warm, like an affectionate hug, as I tiptoed to my bedroom and closed the door.

Peggy River Singer is a heart-centered psychic medium and channel, animal communicator, faerie ally and Reiki practitioner who combines her gift for communications with her psychic abilities to help create harmonious relationships among all who share this planet—including Gaia herself. She can be reached by phone at 734-548-0194; and describes the services she offers at Her experiences and insights are shared on her blog,

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