“Don’t Worry Baby!”

How the Beach Boys Showed Me the Doorway to 5th Dimensional Love— Find Your Key

By Austin Szelkowski

The playful flow of my emotions paused abruptly. The cereal-filled spoon, poised in my hand, seemed to stop of its own volition. I suddenly felt my inner antenna tune to a deeper part of my consciousness. As the words reached my ears from “Don’t Worry Baby,” from the Beach Boys, a subtle vibration filled every cell of my body. Unexpectedly, tears began to well up in my eyes, and my morning 60s music party transformed into a journey into the heart of love.


In a moment, I’m going to teach you the path to opening up 5th dimensional love inside of yourself. This is a fast way to transform your entire life, and indeed, the entire world. If you seek joy, love, peace, and abundance, look no further. Before I can teach you to unlock this hidden power, I must finish my short story from this morning. Understanding my story will help you to discover the key to unlocking 5th dimensional love and transforming your life.

Now, on with my story:

“What is this?” I asked myself, “Why am I crying?”

I already knew the answer. “This is love, and I’m feeling it again this time through a Beach Boys song,” I laughed to myself.

As the music went on, I knew what I needed to do. I mentally cleared my morning schedule. This morning, I would write from the heart.

It may seem strange to you that a Beach Boys song inspired me to teach you the path to the 5th dimension. Perhaps this sudden sensitivity came as a result of the innocent age at which I became exposed to the Beach Boys. I think, however, it is at least partially because of the energy of the brilliant yet highly vulnerable genius behind the music, Brian Wilson. It is quite common that genius comes at the cost of deep, hidden vulnerabilities. Such seems to be the case with the musical mastermind behind the Beach Boys’ success. This is well documented in the recent movie, “Love and Mercy.”

The Hidden Power in Vulnerability

There is something in my consciousness that understands Wilson’s deep vulnerability and therefore feels deep compassion for him. That’s why my heart opened so strongly this morning. To open your own heart’s door, and truly transform your life and world, you will need a key that is unique to you. Since it was the vulnerability of Brian Wilson that opened my heart, I will try the same with you. I will share a deep vulnerability that I believe will begin to open 5th dimensional love in you. More importantly, this vulnerability will lead us to finding your hidden key to the 5th dimension. Let me tell you my deepest vulnerability. To explain it, I’ll tell a short story.

During my spiritual awakening in 2014, I confronted a terrible and universal fear. For a short period of time, I was allowed to believe that I was absolutely alone and cut off in the deepest sense. For a short period, I feared my soul was forever and infinitely alone. I felt what it would be like to be abandoned in the deepest place with no opportunity for connection to ever come in. It was like watching a movie of life - seeing the image of true connection and love, being constantly tantalized by it, but never being able to feel it or believe that it was real.

It was this experience that showed my true vulnerability: Though I had fought so hard to be the “tough guy,” I could not escape the simple fact that I, Austin Szelkowski, needed to be loved. That need, and the sense that I could never have love, were what broke me then. Thankfully, it was also this breakdown that cleared the way for love to come in.

The Gentle Universal Secret

During the process, I learned a secret: The need for love is the key that holds all of consciousness together. In the realm of infinite possibility (consciousness), the only thing that could possibly bind all the seemingly discordant threads together is a common need, much like a melody in a song. The common thread in all consciousness just so happens to be the need that every being has to be loved, but why?

Why is love able to bind the unbindable and penetrate the tightest defenses? It’s simple really: It is in our deepest places that we are most vulnerable. If something gains access to the deepest place within you, you will have no resistance to its effects. How could you? If something is at your center, its effect and signature will be seen in all that you are. This is why the defenses around our hearts are so strong. It’s impossible for someone to force something into your heart, because the more aggressive the forcing, the stronger the defenses become. There is one thing, however, against which there can be no lasting defense. That one thing is love.

How can you resist that which truly understands, holds, and heals your deepest longings and wounds? The gentlest force will always be the most powerful because there is no defense against it. Love automatically penetrates to the deepest part of us, even if we don’t consciously admit it, because it is infinitely gentle. When we let love heal us, we naturally send it back out to heal the world.

Finding the Key to Your Heart

Each of us opens to universal love in different ways. There are, however, consistent tools. Meditation is the first. Meditation can help unlock universal love because it quiets your mind. When you quiet your mind enough, you can tune into the subtle frequency of love which is present in all things. When this happens, you begin to transform yourself and the whole world. Meditation is just one tool, however. I believe that each person has a unique “heart key” as well. Let’s find it!

Ask yourself what can most easily make you jump with excitement or cry for joy? If you take some time today to reflect on this, I am confident that you will see the pattern arise. You will see the gift that has been following you all of your life, which can change your mood on a dime. You need not be skilled in the gift. You must only appreciate it. I am, for example, a lover of music but scarcely a producer of it. The same was true of one of my greatest heroes, Albert Einstein.

“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.”
— Albert Einstein

Finding your “heart key” is simply a matter of seeing what has most consistently moved and inspired you in your life. Once you find your key, it is your job to allow it to transform you. When you do, your doors will begin to unlock, and the world will begin to transform with you. You now know why it is said that the doorway to unlocking 5th dimensional consciousness is in the heart. You also know how to find the key.

Austin Szelkowski is a meditation teacher, life and business coach, and a spiritual community builder. Early in his career, Szelkowski built two successful marketing companies. A 2014 spiritual awakening transformed his entire life, causing the transition to coaching and community building. To learn more about guided group meditations, visit http://www.meetup.com/Ann-Arbor-Spiritual-Meditation-Meetup. To learn more about spiritually-centered business and life coaching, visit http://LunchTableStory.comInteresting fact about Austin Szelkowski: He once rollerbladed 3412 miles across the entire U.S., from New York City to Santa Monica, CA. Following this, he was selected as the Kettering University (GMI) Young Alumnus of the Year for 2011.

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Posted on June 17, 2016 .