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Great Tastes in Local Food

The space at 113 E. Liberty Street in Ann Arbor has been home to a few different restaurants over the past five years. It isn’t a big space, but the current resident, Spencer, makes excellent use of what they have, and I hope they stay with us.

Fluffy Bottom Farms — A Buddhist-inspired Dairy Farm Begins its Life in Chelsea

“It’s definitely a time game,” Kelli Conlin says, sitting across from me. She is a woman with a kind face, working hands, and an indescribable amount of caring energy emitting from her heart. From our conversation, I gathered that Kelli was referring to the amount of time and care it takes to run a farm like Fluffy Bottom, one where treating animals with kindness and compassion and providing products that are fresh and delicious are top priorities. 

Posted on April 29, 2016 and filed under Animals, Farms, Food & Nutrition.

Exploring our Community’s Rich Cultural Diversity Through Ethnic Food Markets

I recently explored many of our community’s richly diverse, ethnic, and locally owned specialty food markets with an open mind and curious palate. I was eager to find not only exotic foods but also interesting proprietors, insight into other traditions, and a sense of connection in an all-too-divergent society. Inside the following three Ann Arbor markets, I found exactly what I went in search of.

Posted on April 29, 2016 .