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Joan and Will Weber’s JOURNEYS International: Exploring the World, Expanding the Soul

When Joan and Will Weber founded JOURNEYS International 35 years ago, the term “eco-tourism” did not exist. Today the Ann Arbor company is widely lauded for its environmental consciousness and its meticulous planning. National Geographic’s Adventure magazine ranked JOURNEYS International among the best adventure travel companies on earth and set JOURNEYS on its list of top ten tour operators. 

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Seeds for the Future — A Local Organic Seed Grower Explains the Importance of the Emerging Seed Movement

By Erica Kempter

Let’s stop and envision an ideal food system. One that gives us the collective ability to feed ourselves sustainably for generations to come; one that provides healthy, safe food for all. A system where most of this food comes from local, organic farms that don’t work against nature, but with it. . .

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Every Day a New Adventure: Psychiatrist Nirmala Nancy Hanke, Meditation Teacher at the Lighthouse Center, on Retirement and Conscious Living

By Dr. Nirmala Nancy Hanke | Photos by Joni Strickfaden

"Your life is a grand adventure. Take risks. Explore the unknown.

Journey forth into the great wide open without preplanned outcomes."

– from The Original Angel Cards Book by Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake

This quote certainly applies to the phase of life we call retirement. One of my friends, who retired three years ago, checked in with me recently to see how retirement is going

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Animal Educators: The Creature Conservancy Provides a Home for Animals and Educational Opportunities for the Community

Zoos provide opportunities to see unique animals, but where can children and adults go to touch exotic animals and ask questions about them? The Creature Conservancy, an Ann Arbor-based nonprofit organization, provides that type of hands-on learning experience for children and adults.

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Cantor Annie Rose, A Jewish Seeker

By Rachel Urist | Photos by Susan Ayer

Cantor Annie Rose will retire in July 2014. By then, she will have been the cantor at Temple Beth Emeth (TBE) for twenty years. She has trained countless bar and bat mitzvah students and created and conducted the Temple’s adult and youth choirs, Kol Halev (Voice of the Heart) and Shir Chadash (New Song). 

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Practicing from the Heart: Lawyers as Peacemakers, Problem Solvers, and Healers of Conflict

By Angie Martell | Photos by Deborah Marcero

We are all at a tipping point. We are grappling with how to be ourselves, how to find meaning and happiness in our lives, and how to find balance in a very complex world. We meditate, practice yoga, eat healthy, and search for alternative healing methods and for our spirit’s true nature. 

Posted on April 29, 2014 .