A Legacy of Healing: The Healing Touch Modality Offers Energy Healing Endorsed by Holistic Nurses


By Hattie Peraino

The Healing Touch Center in Farmington Hills has been offering healing sessions to the general public for two decades, providing those who enter its serene healing environment the opportunity to balance their body, mind, and spirit. Represented around the world, and endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association, Healing Touch uses a gentle, light, or off body touch to balance chakra energies, reduce pain, and relieve mental and physical stress. It is a holistic model of care, working in tandem with modern medical practices, which encourages the client to participate in their own healing process. The practitioner is ‘the straw’, channeling high vibratory energy to the client for their highest and greatest good.

Evolved from the organization founded in 1996 by Janet Mentgen, RN, Healing Beyond Borders is a nonprofit professional organization, offering a rigorous education program, which certifies Healing Touch practitioners. Students participate in five levels of classes that train them in the techniques and ethical practice of this healing modality. The process takes approximately two years to complete and includes reading and reviewing fifteen books related to healing techniques and the philosophy of energy healing, personally receiving and assessing the value of ten different alternative healing modalities and offering and charting treatments for 100 clients. A mentor guides and advises the student through this process in order to encourage the novice healer to develop higher awareness, skills, and focus.

Healing Touch practitioners, Nancy Judge and Karen Matherly.

Healing Touch practitioners, Nancy Judge and Karen Matherly.

Healing Touch offers a wide variety of methods to clients, which are tailored to each individual’s situation. Techniques are available to prepare the body for the best outcome pre/post-surgery, to reduce mental stress and mind clutter, to remove toxins from the body, particularly after chemotherapy treatments, and, of course, to ensure on-going self-care. 

During each session, practitioners gently work to smooth and balance the client’s energy field in order to reenergize chakras and support the client’s inherent ability to self-heal. A pre and post interview provides the practitioner with specific information from the client in order to ensure the best outcomes. Often a client relates stories of personal loss, sources of stress, or the presence of physical pain. This information sets the context for the treatment but the healing techniques will always be directed by the flow of energy that the practitioner senses when working in the client’s field. During the post interview clients may relate that they have seen colors, felt the release of congested energy, or experienced a renewed sense of inner peace and balance.

 Many practitioners start out as clients. When a client receives treatment, a sense of renewed well-being is most often the outcome. After several treatments, the client frequently becomes interested in sharing their story and helping others, whether it’s family members, friends, coworkers, or even their pets! Once the benefits of Healing Touch are experienced, the energy starts to flow in many directions and the client is inspired to give back. The circle of giving and receiving begins to manifest.

All of the work done at the Center is by volunteer practitioners. A number of Healing Touch practitioners offer sessions within the Ann Arbor community. Some serve as nurses in the U-M hospital system and are currently doing research on the benefits of Healing Touch in order to make sessions readily available to both patients who are undergoing hospital care, and family members who are supporting patients through treatment. Healing Touch is now offered to veterans in the Ann Arbor Hospital setting and at a number of hospice and outreach facilities. As Deepak Chopra said, “The universe operates through dynamic exchange. . .  giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe.”

 Over 70 Healing Touch practitioners will gather together at the Center in March to celebrate the legacy of healing that has been created over the past twenty years. As the circle of giving and receiving expands, this life affirming work continues. 

For more information on the Healing Touch Center in Farmington Hills go to healingtouchcenter.info or leave a voice message at (248) 788-5808 to schedule an appointment. To learn more about Healing Beyond Borders visit www.healingbeyondborders.org 

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