Using Crystals to Attract Faeries

by Heidi Mae Wolfe


Once upon a time, nearly every culture on every continent held some measure of belief in the existence of fairies. A life form described as small humanlike creatures that live in natural habitats, often invisible to human eyes. Early writings depict them as mischievous and even at times, malicious. Travelers often left offerings of food and drink for them in exchange for protection against the elements, wild animals, and other dangers that might befall on their journey. Legend has it that fairies especially appreciated milk, bread, cheese, sweets, and other prepared foods.

As the centuries passed and beliefs evolved, the reputation of fairies improved considerably. Fairies became known as benevolent nature spirits (elementals) who may still have a mischievous streak in them, but are usually good-natured and serve to protect animals and the natural world. Fairies, as many know them today, are believed to spread joy and good will, inspire wonder and creativity, and love to make things grow.

As the population of true believers in our own realm continues to grow, so does the popularity of fairy gardens. Whether your interest in the art form is spiritually inspired, or purely recreational, you already know that fairies are attracted to anything that shines or sparkles. Such embellishments are essential, then, to any fairy garden. Given their connection to nature, it would seem that natural crystals and gemstones could have an even stronger attraction. Here are some suggestions that might make a nice addition to your own fairy garden.

  • Any member of the quartz family will amplify the energy of your garden and add a bit of bling, but some varieties can be particularly helpful. Clear quartz is highly reflective, and if you use mini lights in your garden, the quartz will pick up the color and magnify the glow.


  • Fairy wand quartz comes in unusual, intricate formations. It helps us connect with higher beings and stimulates visionary consciousness that could, over time, help us to actually see fairies.


  • Some believe that rainbows are portals to the fairy realm. Prism quartz, also known as crackle quartz, comes in the form of pillars infused with hundreds of tiny, hairline cracks that catch the light and sparkle brilliantly. When the light hits at the right angle, rainbow prisms can be seen. Prism quartz also promotes happiness.


  • Aura quartz comes in many colors, and all are wonderfully luminescent. But titanium quartz, also known as rainbow aura quartz, is the most vividly colorful and inspires feelings of joy. If you can find any of these in tumbled form, they make excellent mini gazing balls.


  • Some fairies are cave dwellers, so geodes can be very inviting to them. Geodes also come in aura enhanced varieties, but often times, these colors are artificially infused and will eventually fade when exposed to sunlight over long periods of time. So unless the color is natural, geodes are more conducive to indoor gardens or shaded areas.


  • Rose quartz promotes universal love, and can help attract gentle fairies.


  • Amethyst elevates sensitivity to the subtle energies around us and can help us become more aware when fairies are present.


  • Apache Tears help us connect with all manner of nature spirits and increase our natural spiritual knowledge.


  • Aquamarine resonates with water sprites, mermaids, and fairies that dwell near water. This can be especially helpful if your garden features a pond.


  • Author Doreen Virtue, refers to fairies as the angels of nature. Celestite can enhance communication with angels, so this could also be a good choice for your garden. This crystal promotes harmony and a sense of peacefulness.


  • Chiastolite is a variety of andalusite that bears the mark of a cross. They’ve also come to be known as fairy cross stones, and have a nice calming effect. These can add zen to your fairy garden, and the symbol of the cross will tell them that you’re a person who follows a spiritual path.


  • Citrine is associated with the sun and is believed to protect against malevolent fairies.


  • Petrified wood can make tree dwellers feel more at home in your garden and encourage them to “take root”. They’re very inviting to sit or perch on, and can be used as the base for a toadstool.


  • Phrenite promotes communication with higher beings and one’s connection to the elements. In turn, this will help fairies and other elementals feel more connected to you.


  • Pyrite brings good luck and a sense of optimism; it also sparkles like crazy.


  • Tree Agate can help live plants in your garden grow. It also supports new beginnings.


Of course, virtually any crystal or gemstone you might want to use will raise the vibration of your garden. However, the results will be more prominent if you program your crystals first. It’s fun using crystals in your garden, but you can take it a step further by experimenting with miniature grids, or try applying the principles of feng shui to your garden. See the sidebar for a few ideas, and get creative with it.

I also recommend starting a journal to record and reflect on any experiences you have which could indicate that fairies are beginning to settle in. Like other winged creatures, fairies migrate and travel in groups, sometimes referred to as frolics. Some might use your garden only as a rest stop, or if your garden is indoors, possibly a winter home. As they become more comfortable with you and your energy signature, they might begin to make themselves known. The signs will be as subtle as their microscopic size, and you’ll have to be very observant.

One thing to look out for is an increase in butterflies, as fairies have long been associated with them in myth and lore. According to Ted Andrews, the leading authority on animal totems, butterflies with black and yellow wings are especially significant. He also connects dragonflies with the fairy realm, being modern day relatives, possibly even descendants, of dragons.

All three creatures symbolize transformation, and fairies can actually initiate it. They also all thrive in the same type of habitat. Anything that butterflies and dragonflies are naturally drawn to will also appeal to fairies. You might, then, consider planting some things that are known to attract them, and the fairies just might follow. You can also work with some crystals that resonate with their energy to synchronize your own vibration with them. There are far too many to mention here, but virtually any crystal that supports transformation will serve you well.

Anything that brings you joy is worth doing, and each person’s life is their own fairytale in the making. Hold your beliefs close to your heart, spread your wings, and let the fairy in you fly!

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