Healing Anxiety Naturally

Along my personal journey to find natural healing for anxiety, I made two exciting discoveries that changed my life and gave me the relief I needed to heal from a lifetime of unease. These two discoveries have become the foundation of my work as a holistic health practitioner, and as I work to help others reclaim a more vibrant level of wellbeing, joy, and health in their lives.

 Living with anxiety is exhausting. When you experience anxiety with frequent panic attacks, you soon grow weary. Fearful of another panic attack, or the feelings of fear that erode your sense of wellbeing, you begin to manage every little thing in your daily life to avoid triggering a panic attack. Because living with anxiety is not a pleasant experience, you also learn to cope. You use substances or food to calm yourself, avoid situations, or wear masks to hide your truth. It turns into a roadshow that is no longer sustainable and likely toxic. As you grow more fatigued and fearful, you finally withdraw feeling defeated.

Current ideology teaches that anxiety is pretty much all in your head. Early childhood trauma (as in my case), or distress, upheaval, pain and grief can contribute to anxiety, and should be addressed with a professional mental health worker. But in my experience, I discovered that changing my diet and sound therapy are two very powerful complementary healing modalities that brought me healing and lasting relief from anxiety.


Changing my diet was essential to healing my anxiety. Oftentimes my anxiety would pop up from a dead sleep. In other words, I had no thought. I wasn’t thinking about anything. I then intuitively recognized that my endocrine gland system was out of balance. Fight or flight hormones where rushing through my body when they shouldn’t be. This was causing me to panic for no reason. My body was sending me a signal that something was off. I quickly switched to a whole food, plant-based diet and began to detox regularly with juices, fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies, and cellular botanicals. I eliminated processed foods where additives and preservatives (chemical cocktails made in a lab) are common ingredients. For me there just isn’t enough research into these additives, and what their effect is on the endocrine gland system to feel comfortable. 

It took some time, but changing my diet and regular detoxification decreased my anxiety dramatically. As I created a healing environment, my body began to self-heal as it is divinely designed to do.

The other exciting discovery I made is the power of sound. I had my very first sound healing while in Costa Rica at a retreat and it was life changing. I was instantly transcended to a higher energy frequency and felt my whole body vibrate in resonance with the crystal singing bowls. My energy body was elevated to a frequency by way of sympathetic resonance as I experienced deep calm. Once I attended an all-night gong puja in Costa Rica and was physically healed from pain that I was experiencing consistently in my right side for two weeks prior. The doctor I consulted beforehand thought it was a gastrointestinal irritation, and that I wasn’t in any grave danger. But the pain vanished when I woke up three hours into the all-night gong puja event.


I discovered that the power of sound is entrainment. When we are in the presence of and receiving high frequency sound vibrations such as in a crystal singing bowl sound healing or a gong sound bath, our energetic physical body rises in vibration to match the higher frequencies. Sound waves move through our body and every cell is affected by these sound waves. As these higher frequencies wash over and through us, a marked increase in alpha and theta brainwave activity has been observed, where a state of meditation is more easily achieved.

 Regular sound bath receivers report that they have increased their ability to manage stressful situations, can move through challenging situations in a more calm and effortless manner, experience improved sleep and have an improved overall sense of wellbeing. As I incorporated crystal singing bowl and gong sound baths into my personal spiritual practice, it became a powerful tool for me to eliminate anxiety as I could reach a sense of calm relatively quickly.

One of the extra special benefits of receiving sound frequencies from crystal singing bowls and gongs is that I experience a more open heart. I often feel euphoric for hours after a sound healing, even when I am the facilitator. Having an open heart allows me to be more available, generous and loving to the people in my life. This feels natural and alive to me! Another added benefit I’ve noticed is that higher energy frequency sound has the power to change the energy of a room and could be considered for conflict resolution with couples and organizations.

As a holistic practitioner, I highly recommend sound therapy and a clean, plant-based diet with periods of regenerative detoxification to anyone who regularly suffers from anxiety, panic attacks, or stress and wants to explore the benefits of natural complementary healing modalities. Anxiety is a rare event in my life now. And for that I am truly grateful. I hope that by sharing my experience I can help others to find healing naturally from anxiety, too.

Victoria Schon is a holistic health coach and a sound practitioner. I live in the country near Dexter with my family. I offer regular group sound healings at Verapose Yoga & Meditation House in Dexter, private sessions in my English shepherd hut, and regularly see clients for holistic health coaching in person and remotely. I am currently writing my first book entitled “Mother Nature’s Guide To Healing Anxiety.”

For more information about me and my work, visit www.victoriaschon.com

Contact information: victoria@victoriaschon.com

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