A Conservation With the Deva of Abundance

By Peggy River Singer

Last summer I decided I wanted to attend the Earth Keepers event in Arkansas in November. To manifest the necessary funds, I was following the Law of Attraction rules of visualization plus act-ing like I already had that money; but it wasn't working out the way I thought it should. Then I got the idea to talk to the Deva of Abundance, and I'd like to share the conversation with you...

River: It's easy to visualize that I always have more than enough money for anything I want to do.  One of the Law of Attraction rules is to ACT as if you really are preparing for an event; however, I know I cannot spend money that has not yet been received to reserve a hotel room. There is a dis-connect here—what am I missing?

DEVA: There is a disconnect because your reality has not yet been achieved.  It has been accepted, even allowed, but it remains [distant, separate].

River: Can you help me reach a deeper understanding of this?

DEVA: Yes.  Deeper understanding involves [self-love, allowance, acceptance] of your innate natural state of being, which is to exist [with, among, amidst] a part of the abundance of all good things, which you seek.

River: How is this achieved?  How is it to happen in the real world, day to day?

DEVA: Since you began this [effort, experiment] with the help of the article we sent you, already you have [united, joined with] unexpected monetary gifts.  The missing piece is your [faith, TRUST, CON-FIDENCE] in the process, in the system, in how the Universe of energy flows where it is needed. 

River: So if I focus on receiving a thousand dollars by a certain date in order to go to an event, does that requirement set by the event organizer, and then accepted and reinforced by me, block the flow?

DEVA: YES!  You may be sufficiently open and accepting of receiving any amount of dollars you de-sire, but when you require this to happen by insisting the dollars arrive by a certain day -- even when that requirement is not of your creation but you are perpetuating it -- this chokes off the flow of ener-gy.  Even though the dollars wish to join you and make it possible for you to travel and attend, now they are like dogs barking and straining against their leashes, wishing to come to you joyously but constrained by the energy of an inflexible physical demand.

River: How then shall I reorient myself?  How shall I adjust my thinking?

DEVA: Do not forget that when you work cooperatively WITH the Universe, with your Most Benevo-lent Outcomes and similar manifestation methods, you can effortlessly accomplish seemingly impossible things regardless of the requirements of what you call the "real world."

Acknowledge what you WANT to happen and what your orderly mind thinks MUST happen in order to attend an event that has great meaning to you.

 Enrich these visualizations by FEELING in your body and your soul the joy and excitement of getting on the plane, the exhilaration of walking into the venue with so many others of like mind, and so forth. Adding this emotional power will greatly strengthen your manifestations.

Be careful you do not slip back into worrying about money arriving "on time."

River: Okay, but what if I do all this to the best of my ability, and don't get the result I desire?

DEVA: The Universe, God, your angels and guides -- who see The Big Picture that is hidden from you -- know whether this activity is appropriate for you at this time.  Thus they will undertake to pre-vent the activity, even if you are very disappointed, because they know something even better is com-ing toward you.  

The solution is to spend time welcoming abundance every day. Just that! Take ten minutes and pro-ject love and welcome to abundance in all its forms, without attachment to what the outcome might be.  Then get up and go on to your next activity with a grateful heart.

The Rest of the Story:

Now, whenever I visit one of my financial-type websites (eBay, PayPal, credit union) I spend several minutes beaming gratitude and love to the account and all those numbers; and I blend in Reiki energy and symbols, as well.  Numbers, individually and in groups, have their own level of awareness and intention; so I consider them to be partners instead of little marks on paper.  And yes, unexpected abundance in different forms keeps arriving.  Letting go of my NEED to know how and when, and trust the process, has been a bit uncomfortable for this German Capricorn... But I'm sure it will end up being A Good Thing!

Note 1: While most of this material was channeled from the Deva of Abundance, I've worked in some advice channeled from my crystal skull friend Petrichor.

Note 2: The article mentioned above is "How to be Rich - Three Beliefs about Money You Must Re-lease First" by Jenny Smagala.

Note 3: Yes, "the Universe of energy flows where it is needed" does remind me of Harry Potter's Room of Requirement!

Note 4: Most Benevolent Outcomes were developed by Tom T. Moore and are a very effective way to achieve what you desire and help others.  Tom's website is thegentlewaybook.com.

Peggy River Singer is a heart-centered psychic medium and channel, animal communicator, faerie ally and Reiki practitioner who combines her gift for communications with her psychic abilities to help create harmonious relationships among all who share this planet. She can be reached by phone at 734-548-0194 and by email at newbluecanoe.com. More of her experiences and insights are shared on her blog, angelsfairiesandlife.wordpress.com.

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