How We Approach Life’s Challenges Is The Harbinger of The Type Of Journey We Will Have – “Letting Go”

By Angie Martell

There are some who say that “life’s challenges” are an invitation to experience unresolved energies. Others say that it is a call to come back to harmony when we have lost sight of who we are and why we are here.

My own journey has taken many twist and turns, but ironically it’s always led me to the same place and, sometimes, to learn the same lesson to “let it go”.

I realize that in life, I am my own obstacle. I am my own obstacle when I refuse to let go of the baggage, when I refuse to move away from my own position to see the viewpoint of another, when I see most of my “troubles” as a passionate desire for and attachment to things I misapprehend as enduring entities. I feel the heavy energy as it enters my body.

I realize that in life, I am my own obstacle.

Filing a legal suit or being sued, can also conjure up all sorts of emotions and feelings.  The word “lawsuit” in itself embodies a concept whereby one takes legal action (in the past as a petition to the King or his representative) against another and accuses him or her for harms caused by that person. This posturing creates an adversarial nature, which can cause a person to act or react in an adversarial way.  A lawsuit can take a lot of energy and be emotionally and financially draining. Many disputants have emotional difficulty letting go of the need for vindication. An older worker who feels wrongfully terminated may not be able to accept a compromise settlement.  Surrendering the idea that one is totally in the right can be a painful experience.  Often people who cling tightly to a principle go through a process of mourning if they have to surrender their viewpoint toward a settlement.  Even when a party wins they can lose. 

A lawsuit can take a lot of energy and be emotionally and financially draining. Many disputants have emotional difficulty letting go of the need for vindication.

Most people associate “letting go” with surrender or giving up. Letting go, however, is letting go of control, of trying to force and manipulate the fulfillment of certain needs and desires. It’s an illusion that we can control people and situations in our lives.

So how do you let go?  It start with six words.  What can I learn from this? Step back from the “problem.” See the “problem” as an opportunity for change. When we have unresolved energy in our system, it turns into matter that turns into a physical realm that we believe we have to deal with. When we approach it with what can I learn from this, we move toward an openness and a willingness to receive and transform and liberate this energy from our systems. So, approach everything with fresh eyes. Acknowledge that there is more than one way to look at a situation. Open yourself to new possibilities. Remove your inner resistance to finding your answer. Move with the flow of life, not against it.

“Some of us think holding on makes us strong but sometimes it is letting go.”
— Herman Hesse

Don’t fight the river, go with the river. Once you experience letting go you can realize profound feelings of well-being and things can fall into their proper place naturally, allowing you to become more present and alive.  In this loving acceptance of ourselves we set the entire planet free. Remember, you are the wave coming to the shore.  Go with the flow or be prepared to be swept away.

Holistic law is about asking people to stop, to listen, be open and willing to step into the shoes of the other and see the perspective from their side, and to find the healing and peace within yourself. In this way you can then find your own solutions. It’s about stopping the tape in our minds from replaying past mistakes over and over in our head. Stopping the blame game. Not worrying about the future. Releasing ourselves from our own self-imposed stress in our minds and bodies.


  1.  BE PRESENT. Let fear go. Don’t let it rule or dominate you.
  2. NON-JUDGMENT. Let go of the ego and be not afraid of being judged. Nothing is personal the universe is acting through you.
  3. TRUST. Let go of the past and focus on the present.
  4. FORGIVENESS. Meet anger or harm to yourself or others with compassion, sympathy, acceptance, and understanding.
  5. ACCEPTANCE. Be open to receive whatever it is that you may need.
  6. HAVE A BEGINNER’S MIND. Stay positive in this journey for you are here to learn.
  7. COMPASSION. Genuine compassion has to have wisdom and loving kindness.
  8.  PATIENCE. Use your breath and meditate. Acknowledge that there is more than one way to see the world.
  9. TRUTH. Living your truth not someone else’s.
  10. BALANCE. Living a balanced life with love, happiness, and joy.

Angie Martell is an attorney and mediator with the law firm, Iglesia Martell in Ann Arbor.  She has a general practice that specializes in holistic law, divorce and family law, mediation, criminal defense , estate planning, LGBT issues, business law, and employee rights.  She is also a Reiki Master.  She can be reached at (734) 369-2331 and by web at

Posted on May 14, 2014 .