Southeastern Michigan's Conscious Living Magazine — a resource on mindfulness, healthy living, spiritual growth, psychology, conscious parenting, and alternative therapies, plus community profiles, news, and events related to Southeastern Michigan's vibrant holistic and conscious living community.

The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal

has been published three times a year since 1995.

11,000 copies of The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal are printed, and they are available at our bookstore
as well as at more than 235 other locations in the area.

Crazy Wisdom Bookstore was founded in 1982.

Since 1989, it has been owned by Crazy Wisdom, Inc., which consists of Bill Zirinsky and Ruth Schekter, husband-and-wife.


Our Team

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Publisher/Editor: Bill Zirinsky

Associate Publisher/Advertising Sales: Rory Russell


Design and Production Editor: Carol Karr

Designers: Jennifer Carson, Carol Karr


Calendar Editor: Sarah Newland

Associate Calendar Editor: Melanie Baldwin

Calendar Proofreading: Karen A’llerio


Senior Editor: Maureen McMahon

Managing Editor: Jennifer Carson


Staff Coordinator: Jennifer Carson

Distribution: MaryEllen Cain, Paul Stehle



Petula Brown, Jennifer Carson,

Crysta Coburn, Laura Cowan,

Lynda Gronlund-Naeem,

Katie Hoener, Joshua Kay,

Rachel Lozon, Angela Madaras,

Diane Majeske, Carin Michaels,

Kirsten Mowrey, Sarah Newland,

Sibel Ozer, Mary Stokley,

Sandor Slomovits, Dawn Swartz,

Kendra Theriot, Sara Vos, Rachel Urist



Ani Daher, Logynn Hailley, Caitlin Muncy



Senior Photographer: Linda Lawson

Susan Ayer, Rachel Everheart,

Tobi Hollander, Kate Jackman,

Hilary Nichols, Edda Pacifico,

Rebecca Rowe, Doug Russell,

Joni Strickfaden, Jennifer Wooley